Background and priorities

Kenya joined P4G as a country partner and launched its National Platform in 2018. 

The concept of P4G in Kenya is anchored in the country’s long-term development framework, Vision 2030, and reinforces the country’s commitment to a sustainable, inclusive future by nurturing and scaling up multistakeholder partnerships to deliver Kenya’s Vision 2030 and The Big 4 Agenda (2018 – 2022).

Kenya’s Vision 2030 aims to transform the country into a newly industrializing, upper middle-income country by providing a high quality of life to its citizens in a clean and secure environment. This is accelerated by The Big 4 Agenda outlined by President Uhuru Kenyatta which seeks to ensure food security, provide affordable housing, increase manufacturing, and provide affordable healthcare within 2018 - 2022. Kenya has also integrated the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) within its development plans within the medium terms plans (MTPs) which are the 5-year development plans for the country derived from Vision 2030.

The P4G National Platform in Kenya aims to catalyze solutions and accelerate innovative partnerships, which can then act as engines for change and transformations for delivery of Kenya’s Vision 2030 as well as for solving systemic challenges to green growth and sustainable development. The National Platform, led by its co-chairs The National Treasury of Kenya and the Kenya Private Sector Alliance as well as the Ministry of Environment and Forestry and the Vision 2030 Delivery Secretariat, recognizes the need for multistakeholder partnerships that advance global goals and sustainable development and will thus bring together key stakeholders including private sector, government and civil society organizations and academia to form partnerships and advance green solutions for driving economic growth. 

Kenya’s National Platform will also nurture, consolidate, scale up, and recognize outstanding multistakeholder partnerships that unlock Kenya’s growth potential. Kenya hosts P4G partnerships focused on: 

  • Energy access and investment; 
  • Improved industrial and urban production and consumption practices that foster circular economy; and
  • Innovation in land use and agricultural technology.

Kenya looks forward to serving as a regional hub and facilitating innovative projects for the green economy.

We appreciate that the P4G partnership brings a new form of green and sustainable manufacturing cases for Kenya and Africa’s sustainable industrialization by building a new way of industry that is profitable, that is sustainable, and that is scalable.

Dr. Julius Muia, Principal Secretary, The National Treasury and Planning

Country Representatives and Main Contacts

Ukur Yatani Kanacho

Board of Directors

Cabinet Secretary, National Treasury and Planning Ministry of Kenya
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Dennis Awori

Board of Directors

Chairman and Country Delegate, Toyota Kenya Limited and CFAO Kenya Limited
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Dr. Julius Muia

P4G National Platform Co-Chair, Principal Secretary at The National Treasury
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Flora Mutahi

National Platform Private Sector Co-Chair, Kenya Private Sector Alliance
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Faith Ngige

P4G Communications Focal Point
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Country News & Events

Country Partnerships

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CrossBoundary Mini-Grid Innovation Lab
Finance for WASH Access
Green 4 Access First Loss Facility (G4A)
GeoFutures GreenInvest
Maintenance for Sustainable Water Access in Rural Kenya
3R (Reduce, Recover, Recycle) Initiative
IIX Women’s Livelihood Bond Series
Sustainable Special Economic Zones
Solar Cow 4 Impact
New Plastics Economy in Kenya
Replenish Coastal Cities in Kenya
Accelerating Rural Electrification through Containerized Hydro Power Plant
Sun Run
Transforming Africa's Bamboo
Building Circular Food Systems
Netherlands Water Partnership (NWP) & Kenya Innovative Finance Facility for Water (KIFFWA)
Closing the Loop on Textile Waste in Kenya
Global Distributors Collective