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The Replenish Coastal Cities in Kenya partnership demonstrated how a Managed Aquifer Recharge (MAR) plant could increase sustainable water supply and drought resilience in and near Mombasa by capturing excess rainwater and infiltrating it into the ground for storing. 

Investing in Impact

P4G has awarded the partnership with US $100,000 in grant funding.  

In Mombasa, Kenya, population growth and periods of intense rainfall followed by longer periods of drought put stress on the limited water resources, negatively impacting residents’ quality of life and becoming a major barrier to regional economic growth. The partnership has shown the potential for managed aquifer recharge, by capturing stream runoff that would otherwise be lost to the sea and infiltrating it, to help increase the sustainable clean groundwater resources in the area and provide a more resilient water supply in the future.

During P4G funding, the partnership worked together with local stakeholders in demonstrating the potential that managed aquifer recharge has in the Mombasa area. Most importantly, the Kenyan Regional Centre on Groundwater Resources joined the partnership during the year and provided key contributions to the technical feasibility studies.

WSUP, the local stakeholders, and the Regional Centre on Groundwater Resources, conducted site visits and collected geological and hydrological data in the Mombasa and Malindi area. From this information, the Tiwi Well Field south of Mombasa was identified as the most promising area to conduct managed aquifer recharge. This area was chosen not only for the ideal geological setting, but also the existing infrastructure which can be utilized, making the project even more economically viable.

A business model showing the viability of managed aquifer recharge in the Tiwi Well Field is being developed and will be used to apply for funding for the specific design and construction of a MAR site. This includes further geological and geophysical studies for the specific placement of the infiltration basins, environmental and social impact assessments, and full design which can be used for contracting and construction.

The P4G Kenya National Platform supported the project through attending meetings, helping establish contacts within the national government, and by supporting the team with advice on how to progress when the partnership experienced difficulties with the project. The Danish Embassy in Nairobi also hosted a climate resilient water discussion, which provided useful platform for the institutional partners to discuss and align on MAR issues in the Kenyan water sector.


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