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We are P4G - a network of global leaders and innovators seeking breakthrough solutions for green economic growth.
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2020 State-of-the-Art Partnership Awards
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The P4G State-of-the-Art Partnership Awards are presented annually to public-private partnerships that have achieved measurable success based on innovation, impact and scalability. We salute businesses, civil society organizations and governments working together for a more sustainable world.

What Do We Do?
Scaling Up Electrification of Buses Around the World
Innovation Hub for Partnerships

As the world’s population grows and the threats from climate change become more pronounced, the need for sustainable development intensifies. No one country, company or community has all the answers. That’s why we need to foster partnerships among businesses, governments and civil society. This is where P4G comes in. P4G accelerates, funds and recognizes innovative public-private partnerships driving green growth. We focus on breakthrough solutions in five Sustainable Development Growth (SDG) sectors: food and agriculture (SDG2), clean water (SDG6), clean energy (SDG7), sustainable cities (SDG11) and circular economy (SDG12).

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Global Network of Do-ers

Now is the time for action. P4G, with initial funding by the government of Denmark, is a network of leaders from government, business and civil society working to accelerate green growth in many of the 150 developing countries across the world. Already we are working in partnership with leaders in 12 countries: BangladeshChile, Colombia, Denmark, Ethiopia, IndonesiaKenya, Mexico, The Netherlands, South Africa, The Republic of Korea and Vietnam. Our partner countries see public-private partnerships as key to meeting their Sustainable Development Goals. We also benefit from the active support of partner organizations. These include: C40, IFCGlobal Green Growth Institute, UN Global CompactWorld Economic Forum, and World Resources Institute, which also hosts P4G’s Global Hub in Washington, DC.

Generator of State-of-the-Art Knowledge

Not only does P4G directly support partnerships, we also generate and share knowledge about the best public-private partnerships. Through our P4G State-of-the-Art Awards Program and forthcoming State-of-the-Art Report, we will showcase the most innovative partnerships driving sustainable development in the world. 

Our Focus Areas

P4G's public-private partnerships pursue specific Sustainable Development Goals through market-based actions. 

Clean Energy Investment Accelerator
Indonesia Food Loss and Waste Action Partnership
Scaling Up Electrification of Buses Around the World
Partnership for Blended Finance on Water
Offshore Wind 2
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