Our Network

Our global ecosystem is an engaged and powerful action-oriented alliance of governments, businesses, investors and civil society leaders committed to advancing P4G’s pioneering green partnerships to deliver impact. Our partners provide partnerships the access and expertise to translate and scale their innovative ideas into tangible impact.

Country Partners

Our 12 country partners are committed to advancing breakthrough solutions to achieve their Sustainable Development Goals and Paris Agreement goals. Each country establishes a National Platform to coordinate national engagement and accelerate partnerships. These platforms include government ministries at a senior level, national business organizations and leaders, and civil society organizations. Our country partners play a key role in creating enabling policy environments and financial mechanisms to scale the impact of our partnerships.

Organizational Partners

Our five global organizational partners provide P4G with valuable subject matter expertise and global networking opportunities to match them with investors and like-minded coalitions. World Resources Institute, one of our organizational partners, hosts the P4G Global Hub.

Investment and Knowledge Partners

Our expanding network of knowledge and investment partners engage early with our partnerships and themes to drive the development of their business models. P4G knowledge partners guide partnerships’ outcomes to impact. Our investment partners financially support the ability of our partnerships and themes to operationalize and create impact.