Republic of Colombia

Background and priorities

Colombia joined P4G as a partner country in 2018 and launched its National Platform in 2019. 

Colombia has assumed a leadership role in prompting global action to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Colombia's green growth priorities are defined by the: 

These policies also contribute to national commitments like reducing 51% of the emissions of GHG (greenhouse gases) by 2030, as announced by President Duque at the UN Climate Ambition Summit in December 2020, including through energy transition, clean mobility, reduction in deforestation rates, and planting trees. 

The Colombia National Platform chaired by the National Planning Department works with P4G to co-curate partnerships in Colombia that accelerate these goals and create opportunities to promote green growth nationally. The First Lady María Juliana Ruiz Sandoval, National Planning Minister Luis Alberto Rodriguez, Environment Minister Ricardo Lozano Picon and Ambassador Mogens Pedersen of Denmark participated in the P4G National Platform Launch that took place at the Casa de Nariño (Colombian presidential palace) in Bogotá in October 2019.

P4G partnerships contribute to the priority sectors of the economy as outlined in Colombia’s NDC report to the UNFCCC, such as transport, energy, and agriculture, that will include climate change considerations in their planning instruments. 

Population 50 million

Country Priorities and Plans:

Development Plan Climate Policy

Reducing emissions in transportation is a top priority for Colombia as we plan our low carbon recovery post COVID-19 and work to meet our ambitious climate action targets. We see great value in P4G’s thought leadership in e-mobility and its multilayered approach to achieving scalable and transformative change to accelerate a zero emission transportation transition regionally, nationally and globally.

Luis Alberto Rodriguez, General Director, National Planning Department of Colombia

Country Representatives and Main Contacts

Alejandra Botero Barco

Board of Directors

Director General, National Planning Department of Colombia
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Country News & Events

Country Partnerships

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Zero Emission Bus Rapid-deployment Accelerator (ZEBRA)
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Clean Freight Transport
Clean Energy Investment Accelerator (CEIA)
Building Efficiency Accelerator
3R (Reduce, Recover, Recycle) Initiative