Circular Waste Centers


Circular Waste Centers will establish a business model for managing hazardous waste in the Caribbean Coast of Colombia.

Investing in Impact

P4G has provided this partnership with US $75,000 in catalytic grant funding.  

In Colombia, hazardous waste generation is growing as industrial economic growth speeds up. Yet each phase of the waste cycle is treated by different players making it challenging to take a comprehensive approach. This partnership aims to manage waste in a complex of facilities with a mix of innovative technologies, such as the incineration of Refuse-Derived-Fuel (RDF) to generate energy.  

At these circular centers, efficient logistics enable more effective treatment and transport of hazardous waste, including processing waste from aerosols and oil filters, sterilization of bio sanitary waste or evaporation of wastewater. Located in the core of waste management in Colombia, the centers will offer waste management advisory services, accreditation of proper waste management and real-time waste information for a transparent value chain. 

With P4G’s funding, the partnership will assess technological alternatives for special and hazardous waste management in the Colombian context, set up a financial model and explore policy recommendations to overcome regulatory barriers. The partnership plans to share their results in knowledge products to enable the scaling of circular waste centers across Colombian cities.

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