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The SSEZ/Sustainable Industrial Cluster partnership is developing hubs of industrial activity that have an outsized impact on positive social and environmental outcomes and bring attractive commercial returns to investors. The partnership is unlocking sustainable growth through commercially viable, inclusive and climate resilient industrialization by supporting SDG-aligned investors, businesses and champions. 

Investing in Impact

P4G has invested a combined total of US$ 1.2 million in the partnership through scale-up funding in 2018 and 2019. Sustainable Industrial Clusters denote the new horizon in industrial development and planning, which embeds sustainability at its core, and seeks to drive enhanced social and environmental impact while creating enhanced economic results over “old economy” approaches. This partnership will accelerate the development of regenerative and inclusive value chains and clusters of responsible production to drive low-carbon economic growth, job creation, renewable energy production, and circular economy. 

Since its inception, the partnership has spun off to create a specialized project development company, called Savo Project Developers. As of 2021, Savo has built a Sustainable Industrial Cluster pipeline of US$ 150 million across Nigeria and Kenya, closed US$ 26 million of investment and secured tenant contracts worth US$ 45 million. The partnership’s Oserian Two Lakes Industrial Park in Kenya is now accepting tenants and has the potential to mobilize $500 million investment in green infrastructure, create 10,000 local jobs and generate 30MW of clean energy. 

P4G mobilized its ecosystem of country partners through National Platforms in Kenya and the Netherlands to align Sustainable Industrial Clusters with country priorities rooted in circular economy, advancing Kenya’s Big 4 Agenda objectives around green manufacturing as part of Kenya’s Vision 2030. P4G also worked with the partnership and a range of stakeholders, like the Global Green Growth Institute and United Nation Industrial Development Organization, to create a knowledge product called, "How to Get Stuff Done through Sustainable Investment Clusters." This document sets out a series of practical guidelines and pointers for anyone interested in driving sustainable industrialization via cluster developments, in a way that supports the green economy and creates jobs. 

In September 2021, P4G signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Savo Project Developers to replicate and scale the successes of the partnership. P4G and Savo will structure and launch a project development facility available for a range of stakeholders to scale Sustainable Industrial Clusters across Africa and Asia. 

This model has the potential to scale up to 50 clusters by 2030 - delivering inclusive and climate resilient economic growth, unlocking jobs and supporting SDG-aligned investors and businesses across industries like renewable utilities, agriculture and food production, manufacturing, digital and social infrastructure. 


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