Refill Revolution


The Refill Revolution partnership will scale household product refills in Mexican stores to transform consumption, reduce waste and benefit consumers. 

Investing in Impact

P4G has provided this partnership with US $651,189 in catalytic grant funding.  

Refill Revolution will provide smart packaging that tracks the plastic lifecycle and an in-store platform to refill household products, such as detergent, shampoo, dry foods and pet food. This will enable retailers, brands and end-consumers to minimize product costs through less plastic usage while meeting global quality standards and reducing environmental impact. The packaging and dispensers are linked to an app where users can access their refill records and environmental impact. 

In 2022, Refill Revolution will begin with a pilot of 30 dispensers deployed throughout stores in Mexico City. This model, building on successful pilots in Chile, the US and Indonesia will significantly reduce the need for plastic production. 

The partnership aims to secure support for refill solutions from retailers, brands, and consumers and address market viability roadblocks, such as supply chain optimization and consumer behavior change. The partnership also hopes to collaborate with the P4G Mexican National Platform to transform the policy environment and provide incentives for re-use solutions. 

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