Smart Solutions for Plastic Waste Management


The Smart Solutions for Plastic Waste Management partnership will test and implement a new mobile-based app to help waste cooperatives plan and execute their waste collection. 

Investing in Impact

P4G has invested US $98,235 in this partnership. 

The partnership model will give citizens the ability to request targeted waste collection services. It will support waste collectors by ensuring demand and allowing them to reliably supply industrial waste recyclers. The partnership will create and test the system involving about 40 cooperatives and 800 waste pickers. A successful model has the potential to be replicated across countries and improve waste collection for 10,000 households. It can also divert 12,000 tons of PET plastics from landfills to the recycling value chain.


Waste Co-ops of Ekurhuleni



Improve Waste Management and Empower Waste Collectors




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Countries of Operation

South Africa ,


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