Siklus provides cost-effective refillable household products without plastic waste. Customers can order refills on an app for home delivery, thus saving money, plastic and time.

Investing in Impact

P4G has provided this partnership with two rounds of catalytic grant funding: US $98,724 in start-up funding in 2020, and $497,700 in scale-up funding in 2021. 

The partnership works with Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FCMG) providers, including Nestle, P&G, Mars, and others to buy products in bulk and sell them as refills. Customers can order via an app or WhatsApp for the refill bikes to arrive at their doorstep. Then, they can use their own containers to refill household products, such as soap, shampoo, detergent and cooking oil, at a lower cost in the volume of their choosing. 

The partnership will address both inequality and plastic pollution in Indonesia – currently 70% of Indonesians purchase household goods in single-serving sachets because they cannot afford to buy in larger quantities, meaning low-income populations often end up paying extra for their everyday needs because they cannot access the savings associated with buying in larger amounts. This solution offers products that are on average 20% cheaper and help customers to save on everyday necessities while saving the environment. 

In order to scale up consumption and refine the model, the partnership will carry out awareness campaigns and community outreach, create knowledge products on how refill solutions can be adopted and scaled, and conduct stakeholder engagement with government agencies, corporates and other NGOs to create systemic changes toward greater plastics circularity. 

As a P4G start-up partnership, Siklus enhanced its technology to optimize operations, building a base of 6,000 customers and preventing 1.8 million plastic sachets from being discarded. 

In 2022, Siklus aims to improve operational efficiency and digital marketing to drive 25% month on month customer growth, with the goal to serve 263,000 customers total. Through this growth, the partnership anticipates saving 5,700,000 plastic sachets from entering the ocean and landfills. Ultimately, Siklus plans to expand its service to deliver products to rural customers and to other Southeast Asian countries, while adding additional refillable products to its line.


Driving Refill Solutions to Reduce Plastic Pollution

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  • 2020 Start-up

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