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By 2050, 75% of the global population will live in cities. That’s more than 6.5 billion people. As cities face increasing problems caused by transport and traffic, this partnership aims to enhance mobility while reducing congestion, accidents and pollution in urban areas.

SiMPlify features a methodology developed by the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) and international experts that helps cities develop inclusive sustainable urban mobility plans. It is focused on 19 indicators and using them helps develop a process to engage all stakeholders – including citizens and the private sector – in effective city management and planning. Its strength lies in the 300 mobility solutions it has collected from cities around the world, based on best practice. It is applicable globally by cities at all levels of development. 

Feira de Santana, a fast-growing city of 600,000 in Brazil’s northern region of Bahia, is determined to contribute to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals and to become a future-proof, sustainable city. The city decided to apply SiMPlify in collaboration with WBCSD and tire manufacturer Pirelli to develop a transformative sustainable urban mobility plan. As a significant employer in Feira, Pirelli has a keen interest in supporting the city to deliver safer, cleaner, more efficient and accessible mobility to its citizens. Alongside existing mobility plans, SiMPlify helped Feira develop an inclusive mobility vision, by enabling stakeholder engagement and citizen participation. Leveraging the learnings from the SiMPlify analysis and the involvement of all stakeholders, the city of Feira de Santana is now deploying BRL 100 million (US $26 million) to implement transformative solutions to their mobility challenges. Read more here.


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