Green Last Mile


The Green Last Mile partnership will use zero-emissions three-wheelers to transport cargo in Medellín, Colombia.

Investing in Impact

P4G has provided this partnership with $75,000 in catalytic grant funding.  

Transporting cargo in big cities can involve long transit times and produce a lot of pollution, especially as the growth of e-commerce has left companies in search of more efficient logistics for distributing goods. Electric cargo bikes and micro warehouses provide an innovative solution in areas with high delivery volumes. Green Last Mile will build a pilot network to test the optimization of the last mile distribution model with electric bicycles and develop a digital system to publicly register the available micro hubs. 

The implementation of micro-warehouses ─ spaces where companies consolidate items for delivery ─  helps them be closer to the final delivery points and reduce distance traveled throughout the supply chain of the last mile. This can lead to a 20% decrease in working time and double delivery capacity, while reducing 1.5 tons of CO2 per year for every two e-tricycles in operation.  

The partnership also seeks to address challenges related to the lack of regulation on last mile distribution solutions by providing a comprehensive, eco-friendly logistics service to distribute companies’ cargo. 

This will help expand electric mobility access in Colombian cities, which is key to the country’s ambitious goals to reduce emissions from the transport sector and deliver 600,000 electric vehicles by 2030. In turn, the partnership aims to contribute to better air quality and improved standard of living for Colombians. 


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