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Denmark , Vietnam , Netherlands ,

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Denmark , Netherlands ,


The Green Freight Asia Vietnam partnership will use an incentive-led model to significantly reduce carbon emissions and pollutants from Vietnam’s road freight industry by 2050. 

Investing in Impact

P4G has invested US $100,000 in this partnership.

This partnership will launch a set of incentives for green freight certification to motivate trucking companies to adopt eco-friendly practices and improve fuel efficiency. This change will contribute to the companies’ bottom line, cleaner air and lower emissions from Vietnam’s trucking sector, and the improved health for citizens.

Our partnership was instrumental in understanding how to accelerate green freight practices in Vietnam—where diesel trucks are the primary movers of freight and significant contributors of GHG emissions as well as air pollutants. P4G’s support enabled us to identify a suite of enthusiastic incentive providers in Vietnam and demonstrate that incentives hold real potential to increase the attractiveness and viability of adoption of decarbonization solutions.

Karlyn Adams, Director, BSR


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