Sustainable Mobility in Cargo Transportation Colombia


The Sustainable Mobility in Cargo Transportation partnership rolled out zero-emissions trucks to accelerate electric mobility in Colombia. The partnership demonstrated multiple viable business cases for electric fleets, deployed electric cargo trucks, and fostered enabling environments to scale electric fleets.

Investing in Impact

P4G has invested US $100,000 in this partnership.  

To prove the viability of the business case, the partnership deployed a pilot project with 22 electric cargo trucks, twelve 4-ton capacity vehicles, and ten 12-ton capacity trucks. It developed air quality sensors and installed them to collect data from the vehicles.  The data was shared with other industry entities and the government for joint learning. Additionally, the partnership sponsored the exploration of electric cargo trucks for at least 20 businesses, which received a competition prize that funded the installation of a charging station and a whole month of free electric truck renting. Commercial contracts derived from this trial ensured that more businesses incorporate electric truck fleets into their business. 

The partnership fostered enabling environments to scale electric fleets by leading a series of electric cargo transportation-related webinars. The partnership also shared the findings of a legal study that analyzed the current regulatory context of electric mobility in Colombia and reviewed other countries approaches to electric mobility around the world. 

Beyond the P4G funding period, the partnership will continue to add 178 more electric cargo trucks and soon reach a 200-truck operating fleet in Colombia. Additionally, all parties are individually setting more ambitious sustainability goals that incorporate electric cargo transportation.


Accelerating an E-Fleet Transition

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Countries of Operation

Republic of Colombia ,

We aim to have one of the biggest electric truck fleets in Colombia and P4G created and facilitated the platform to create powerful alliances that helped us drive a valuable impact in the promotion of establishing cleaner transportation alternatives in Colombia.

Diana Valencia, AB InBev Procurement Director


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