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Clean Fleet, Clean Cities fills policy gaps to accelerate fleet renovations with soot-free and zero-emission vehicles in Mexico. 

Investing in Impact

P4G provided the partnership with $100,000 in catalytic grant funding.    

The partnership engaged with local and federal regulators to design and implement a set of policies and incentives that would improve the voluntary green freight program in Mexico City (Programa de Autorregulación). Clean Fleets, Clean Cities aimed to significantly reduce emissions from the full diesel truck fleets, build capacity among fleet owners and government agencies and incorporate new technologies such as low-carbon and zero emission systems. The partnership helped the program change the incentives for only filter-based technologies and electric vehicles to reduce particle-based emissions.   

Clean Fleets, Clean Cities evaluated the economic feasibility of the incentives and programs and shared this knowledge and recommendations with other stakeholders including fleet operators, government officials and financial organizations. Additionally, the partnership focused on raising awareness about adopting cleaner technologies by hosting a series of panels where experts gathered to discuss opportunities and challenges of decarbonizing the freight sector. 

The International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT) will continue working at the local and federal level to find opportunities to demonstrate the feasibility of not just soot-free but electric fleets in applications like last mile. The partnership plans to collaborate with smaller operators – which comprise most fleets in Mexico – to access finance for needed technology while promoting electrification strategies that enable local manufacturing. 

The technical Support from ICCT has helped to develop a strategy to control heavy-duty vehicle emissions by regulating traffic hours of these vehicles during contingency days (days with air quality concentration levels higher than set standards), as well as to create incentives for the replacement of these vehicles with DPF equipped trucks.

Director General of Air Quality for Mexico City’s Secretariat of Environment


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