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Republic of Colombia , Vietnam , Indonesia ,


Clean Energy Investment Accelerator (CEIA) expands access to clean energy investments by focusing on purchasers, pipelines and policies to help companies and support countries in meeting their clean energy targets. 

Investing in Impact

P4G provided this partnership with US $1,299,771 in catalytic grant funding. 

With support from P4G, CEIA led Colombia’s first aggregated on-site solar procurement process for industrial users in 2018. The effort brought together seven industrial companies with demand for up to 10 MW of solar power and demonstrated more than 20% cost savings in the process. P4G provided CEIA support for a virtual capacity-building session to encourage broader dissemination of the Renewable Energy Procurement Guidebook for Colombia, train additional market stakeholders and support efforts to capture and share solutions for replication. 

The partnership deepened their engagement with Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) and Vietnam’s P4G National Platform by participating in a VCCI workshop for industrial parks and the textile and garment industry. Their work with USAID’s Vietnam Low Emission Energy Program (V-LEEP) and dozens of multinational companies facilitated a first-of-its-kind, business-to-business direct power purchase agreement (DPPA) pilot program for 1,000 MW of clean energy. In 2021, CEIA announced their collaboration with DEEP C Industrial Zones Vietnam on the industrial park's first major solar installation. This 2.15 MW installation on DEEP C's office rooftop demonstrates a new business model for industrial park operators to invest in and own renewable energy assets. 

In Indonesia, CEIA collaborated with Indonesia’s national electric utility, PLN, to design and launch a Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) program to facilitate cleaner energy transactions and offer new, innovative green energy products for industrial companies. Launched in November 2020, this is the country’s first nationally recognized REC and a major milestone for renewable energy development in the country. CEIA also provided capacity building to support a Request for Proposals (RFP) for a 1.6-megawatt rooftop solar project. CEIA has built a growing coalition of more than 30 corporate buyers seeking clean energy solutions in Indonesia. 

P4G has been vital to scaling the Clean Energy Investment Accelerator (CEIA) program, enabling us to pilot new clean energy business models in Colombia, Vietnam and Indonesia that have helped companies in emerging market economies access renewable energy resources, scale investment and share learnings for further replication.

Bethany Speer, Senior Researcher, International Clean Energy Investment, National Renewable Energy Laboratory


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