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One Stop Service for Energy Efficiency will merge energy-saving technology, energy services providers and finance providers into a single model to create a more efficient industrial cooling system in Indonesia.

Investing in Impact

P4G has provided the partnership with US $169,834 in catalytic grant funding. 

The lack of a standardized financing model is the biggest hurdle for most energy efficiency projects in Indonesia. This partnership addresses this challenge by bringing together energy-saving technology (such as variable speed controls or inverter compressors, which automatically adjust the cooling supplied according to the demand), the bank partner and energy services provider/system integrator to install and maintain equipment. Then, the client, bank and partnership can access an online platform to observe the energy savings results.  

With Indonesia’s national energy policy to reduce energy consumption by 17%, this partnership can help reduce emissions while meeting the increasing usage of cooling systems in Indonesia – set to increase by 15% per year in the industrial, commercial and private sectors – and contribute to 15.4% of energy-related greenhouse gas emissions.  

During the P4G grant period, One Stop Service for Energy Efficiency will have four ready-to-execute cooling efficiency pipelines. The partnership will also produce a knowledge product studying the model’s efficacy and best practices for replication with the aim to convince other energy service companies and financial providers to adopt this model.


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