Our Approach

We apply a systematic and outcome-focused strategy to identify and accelerate innovation. Through our global ecosystem and custom advisory approach, we match investors with innovators to unlock the full impact potential of our multistakeholder partnerships and emerging themes.

Through our “Investing in Impact” approach, we drive investment into our partners and themes to deliver transformative impact in food, water, energy, cities and the circular economy.


We collaboratively define how each partnership can deliver transformative system and market change. We co-create a viable business model with our country partners that strengthens the partnership’s vision and aligns with our global ecosystem’s priorities.  


We invest in partnerships by providing catalytic funding at the start-up and scale-up stages.  

Our investment funding includes:  

  • Start-up funding of up to $100,000 for a partnership to show its proof of concept  

  • Scale-up funding of up to $1,000,000 for a partnership to actively build growth, establish a structure for commercialization and replication and make it a financially-viable proposition  


Our team and global ecosystem of public and private stakeholders provide unparalleled expertise and networks that prepare our partnerships to become bankable investment propositions that attract institutional investors’ and deliver system change impact.   

Our acceleration approach includes:  

  • Strategic commercial and financial guidance for partnerships to achieve financially sustainable operations delivering a market transformation  

  • Acceleration workshops to sharpen partnerships’ business models and match partnerships with relevant technical and commercial experts to advance their progress at speed 

  • Investor pitch sessions for select partnerships to pitch their investment-ready propositions in one-on-one sessions with a custom matched list of investors  

  • Portfolio integration for enhanced learning that organizes partnerships within Communities of Learning aligned with their portfolio of impact to unlock synergies and harness their collective potential  

  • Communications expertise that guides partnerships to present a clear message of impact and incorporates them in P4G’s narrative of being a global delivery mechanism for impact  


P4G mobilizes an engaged and powerful alliance of 12 country partners and five organizational partnerships committed to accelerating innovative partnerships that can deliver SDG and climate action impact. We bring together a global ecosystem of leaders from government, business, investment and civil society to unite around a collective action agenda of change and impact.  

Our engagement activities include:  

  • Network Gatherings convening National Platform and organizational partner representatives to actively accelerate partnerships and ensure alignment with national SDG priorities and climate commitments  

  • Global Convenings like the P4G Summit that unite heads of state, CEOS, investors and civil society leaders to provide a world stage and major acceleration moment for partnerships and portfolios 

  • Knowledge Reports like the State-of-the-Art Report that describes the factors that determine transformative partnerships so our global ecosystem can nurture partnerships to achieve their vision, and partnership reports that mainstream innovative approaches to green finance and growth  


P4G delivers impact through institutional investment. Through our systematic approach of “Investing in Impact,” we actively match investment-ready partnerships with impact-driven investors. Our investors gain early access to our diverse pipeline of innovative partnerships working in sectors that are aligned to their missions and mandates.  

Together we are pioneering green partnerships and implementing scalable solutions that empower vibrant communities, accelerate green growth and build an inclusive and resilient future for all.