The P4G Approach to Deliver Impact

Our Approach

Our objective is to contribute to inclusive, net zero transitions in low- and middle-income countries by supporting climate businesses to become investment ready so that they can provide locally led solutions in food, water and energy systems. Here’s how we do it:

Provide grant funding

We provide grant funding to partnerships comprising at least one early-stage business and one NGO partner. These partnerships must work on climate mitigation or adaptation solutions in the areas of food, water or energy in our eligible partner countries across Africa, Asia and Latin America. The grant, typically averaging about US $350,000, is designed to help the early-stage business in the partnership become investment ready. We work closely with our National Platforms to ensure that our partnerships contribute to our country partners’ climate and development priorities.  

Enable investment readiness

We help the early-stage businesses in our partnerships become investment ready through tailored technical assistance. In addition to the grants, our team of investment managers, National Platform liaisons and external experts provides technical assistance that includes due diligence and gap analysis of the business model, stakeholder events, business matchmaking sessions and communications. Through our National Platforms in donor countries, we connect partnerships to business partners, value chains and opportunities for technological knowledge transfer.  

Improve enabling systems

We have multistakeholder National Platforms in all our countries to advance partnerships and facilitate improvements to enabling frameworks. Partnerships identify barriers to scaling and develop policy and regulatory recommendations to overcome them. National Platforms participate in policy workshops and make connections with relevant authorities who can support the relevant policy or regulatory improvement. Partnerships must work on and advance enabling systems through their own work in the relevant sub-sector, which should also help the key stakeholders in government and private sector understand how to improve the functioning of market systems to benefit all new climate businesses in that sector.

Mobilize knowledge

Our learning-based approach and knowledge mobilization strategy enables us to share lessons learned on our partnerships, National Platforms and our overall approach. Through communications, sectoral knowledge products, publications, in-country events and biennial P4G Summits, we reach key stakeholders in the public and private sector who can help accelerate our partnerships.  We share our learning so others can replicate the success of our early-stage businesses and approach.  

Deliver impact

We aim to deliver impact for people and our planet. This includes contributing to gender equity, poverty reduction and climate resilience. We will measure this impact through indicators such as:

  • Reduced carbon emissions
  • An increased number of business partners who receive investor commitments 
  • Good quality jobs created 
  • Improved gender equity
  • An increased number of individuals with greater climate resilience because of our adaptation and mitigation solutions.