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Project STOP Banyuwangi (“Banyuwangi Hijau”) will build an integrated recycling solution to address plastic waste in Indonesia. The program will improve long-term waste management and establish a downstream value chain for recycled materials. These ocean-bound recycled plastics, sourced from ethical supply chains, will be offered to eco-conscious companies along with complimentary plastic credits.

Investing in Impact

P4G has provided this partnership with US $946,200 in catalytic grant funding. 

To address long-term waste management, Project STOP Banyuwangi will use a proven "system-enabler" approach in which a team of experts will help the Banyuwangi regency (municipality) design and implement low-cost, circular and state-of-the-art material recovery facilities as well as consumer behavior education campaigns. The partnership will work to develop financially transparent governance and shape local policy in Banyuwangi’s regional and local law, giving more people access to safe waste collection and recycling.  

Meanwhile, the partnership aims to set up a recycled materials venture that will source ocean bound waste directly from ethical supply chains including Project STOP’s established sorting facilities, existing waste banks and waste pickers. The recycled materials will be offered to eco-conscious companies that want to improve the circularity of their products and supply chains. The program will also support the acceleration of Indonesia’s transition towards a circular economy and value creation by collaborating with local partners. 

To strengthen the financial viability of the established waste management systems, Project STOP will use Verra’s Plastic Waste Reduction Standard to claim and issue plastic credits that prevent waste leakage into the environment. The potential additional revenue from the sale of plastic credits will enable scaling of waste collection and recycling, adding value and community benefits for hundreds of thousands of people, including vulnerable groups like waste pickers. 

Ultimately, Project STOP aims to expand its circular waste collection to 2 million people by 2025, collecting ~230,000 tons of waste (~25,000 tons of plastic), providing a thousand jobs and transforming the economics of waste collection and recycling in Indonesia.


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