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New Plastics Economy in Kenya supported curtailing Kenya’s plastic waste by improving waste collection and transforming waste materials into recycled products for commercial use. 

Investing in Impact

P4G has provided the partnership with US $80,000 in grant funding. 

The partnership launched four waste recycling stations for PET (polyethylene terephthalate), paper, general plastics and metal at Capital Center Nairobi, and supported collection bins and bags in 2,000 schools during the COPA Coca Cola Cup—a nationwide initiative to educate secondary school students on the importance of a cleaner environment by taking care of plastics disposal. For a small fee, companies under PETCO fund the activities of waste collection companies that deliver used plastic materials to recycling firms that make new products. By the end of the funding period, the partnership collected and recycled a total of 7704 tons of PET, diverting PET waste bottles from polluting the environment.  

New Plastics Economy in Kenya created a Market Needs Assessment (MNA), which provides an overview of the potential economic and environmental benefits from sustainable management of PET plastic waste in Kenya. In partnership with Kenya Climate Innovation Center (KCIC), the partnership finalized a Development of Training Module, which will be used to train various categories of groups. The following manuals were developed: Collectors Training Manual, Recyclers Training Manual, PET Manufactures Guide, Consumer Guide and Retailers Guide.  

Led by KEPSA, the co-chair of P4G's Kenya National Platform, the partnership supported dialogues that contributed to the Sustainable Waste Management Act. By elevating it to the cabinet level and engaging with senators on green and circular economy opportunities, the partnership helped define the policy needed to spur investment in recycling solutions in Kenya. Through the partnership, PETCO piloted voluntary producer responsibility regimes, which enabled it to help formulate Kenya's Extended Producer Responsibility Regulations.

New Plastics Economy in Kenya also helped launch the Kenya Plastics Action Plan, which curbs waste and tackles management gaps, among other sector challenges. The commitment is marked by the ban on the use, import and manufacturing of plastic carrier bags, with intentions to extend to plastic bottles. 


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