Renewable Powered Drinking Water Supply for Mekong Delta Vietnam


The partnership provides an innovative clean energy solution for water desalination through updated container technology. It builds renewable-powered desalination containers in the Mekong Delta region drawing from LG’s solar and battery technology, Levisys’s flywheel technology and Synopex’s desalination technology. The desalination containers offer a safe and sustainable solution to secure drinking water from the sea or brackish water without a dependence on fossil fuel. 

The 40ft desalination container – pioneered by the partnership – can supply 10 tons of drinking water per day to residents lacking a commercial power supply. These containers can be replicated along the Mekong Delta and in regions that have poor electricity and transportation infrastructure.

The partnership is now focusing on scaling the technology and replicating it across regions. It is also developing a sustainable business model to sell desalinated water to residents of water-stressed communities at affordable prices.

Partners: LG Electronics, Levisys, Synopex, World Together, UN-Habitat, Korea Energy Agency, Korea Environmental Industry & Technology Institute, Vietnam Administration of Seas and Islands, French Environment and Energy Management Agency, Bac Lieu Department of Natural Resources and Environment and Bac Lieu People’s Committee



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