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The Building Efficiency Accelerator partnership aims to accelerate the local and regional government implementation of building energy efficiency policies and programs. It provides them with the tools required to design and implement building efficiency measures including national codes, workshops and educational training.

Investing in Impact

P4G has invested US $600,000 in this partnership.

In two years, the partnership delivered four new approved better building efficiency policies and standards for cities and states with another 10 in development. The partnership also developed and shared case studies with results and best practices with all countries that have active Green Building Councils. Green Building Councils recruited 12 new cities and states to the project with a total of 26 cities in Latin America and 50 around the world committed to implementing the energy efficiency framework developed by the partnership. It engaged more than 90 government officials and trained more than 3000 professionals to support local and regional activities.

P4G elevated the profile of the partnership at the Colombia National Platform launch and accelerated the partnership to achieve tangible successes in Colombia. Three cities joined the BEA platform including Cali, Monteria and Bogotá. Additionally, new construction in Bogotá will adopt the updated energy efficiency building code that requires all new buildings to achieve 20% energy savings and 30% water savings starting in 2020. Due to the policy brought about by BEA, Bogotá could improve the performance of 2.5 million homes expected to be built in the next 30 years. Read more about these codes.

In Mexico, eight cities and states are working with the partnership with the states of Yucatan and Campeche having finalized the compliance guidelines and standards for all public buildings starting in 2021. Read more about the pilot projects in both states.

In addition to P4G partner countries of Colombia and Mexico, BEA also contributed to green building progress in Central America in Costa Rica, El Salvador and Guatemala among other countries. Cristina Gamboa, CEO of the World Green Building Council, shared BEA’s approach and the need to include housing in net zero building policies at the 2021 P4G Seoul Summit thematic session on Cities. Read more about the session takeaways.


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