Digital Food Rescue Ecosystem


Digital Food Rescue Ecosystem is a digital platform that automates the food rescue process and connects the food industry with food banks and nonprofit organizations to reduce food loss and waste and combat hunger.

Investing in Impact

P4G has awarded the partnership $448,976 in grant funding.

Digital Food Rescue Ecosystem uses artificial intelligence to automate food donations and sales, and generate data on an operation’s economic, social and environmental impact. It connects the food industry such as supermarkets, convenience stores, restaurants, hotels, institutional channels, digital platforms, and agricultural producers, with social ecosystems and creates an end-to-end safe and efficient pathway for connecting surplus food with those who need it the most.

The partnership converts the food rescue process into one that can deliver environmental and social impact, while also creating a business opportunity by monetizing the collected data. Monetization is realized through two streams: the first one is a monthly subscription fee for being connected to the food rescue process and the second is licensing the analytical data according to the businesses’ interests such as efficiency, logistics, etc.

This partnership between EatCloud and Conexion will scale its operations in Colombia and start the process of replication to Mexico. EatCloud as the commercial partner will drive the business model to strengthen the platform and onboard more companies and food banks. Conexion, as the nonprofit partner, will lead the engagement with policymakers and provide capacity building culinary training for food retailers to reduce food loss and waste.

Food loss and waste reduction is a priority for Colombia and through this model, the partnership will demonstrate how the 1990 law in Colombia that prohibits food loss and waste fit for human consumption can be realistically implemented. It will share its experiences, data and barriers with the Colombian government to help improve current food loss and waste policies in the country.

The partnership will contribute to a stronger and fairer food system by reducing the amount of food loss and waste, and carbon emissions and increasing food security.

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