Digitizing Energy

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Energy Transition




Countries of Operation

Vietnam , Indonesia ,


Digitizing Energy will transform the electricity grid by integrating customer energy assets to increase profitability, improve grid performance, and maximize renewables in Indonesia and Vietnam.  

Investing in Impact

P4G has provided the partnership with $650,000 in grant funding.  

By leveraging a digital platform combined with next-generation metering, the partnership will automate the grid for easier access to renewable energy, such as rooftop solar. This smart grid approach will also enable granular demand response and improve revenue. By digitizing the existing system, the platform empowers consumers to track energy usage and save money.  

The solution is designed to cater to residential, small commercial and industrial customers connected to low voltage networks. With the smart meter, they can manage energy usage based on consumer preferences and automate energy management, thus optimizing the grid. With real-time micro-transactions and billing, this customer-centric approach makes distributed energy easier and more affordable.  

As Indonesia and Vietnam aim to secure a just transition from fossil fuels, solutions like this one will be key to developing a business case for decentralized renewable energy and developing a smart grid in both countries. This partnership can support utilities to meet demand, reduce costs, and expand distribution networks. 

Working with P4G, the partnership will engage regulatory stakeholders to facilitate pilot implementation. During the P4G funding period, the partnership expects to connect 500 customers in each country to access distributed energy.


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