Drinking Water Service for African Villages




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Drinking Water Service for African Villages, led by the UDUMA company, supports the health and economic integration of formerly water-poor areas in sub-Saharan Africa. In a village that has chosen to delegate its drinking water management service to UDUMA, “intelligent” water points that allow remote monitoring of consumption and breakdowns replace pumps that have broken down or are very old. Each inhabitant has an electronic card to pay in a simplified way for the quantities of water he or she needs from approved water points caretakers using a cashless payment technology.

The partnership has already begun implementing and managing 1,400 water points within its regions of operation supplying 560,000 people with close-to-home, continuous and affordable drinking water for the next 15 years. Through the management of these water supply stations, the partnership is creating jobs and income-generating activities, preventing the spread of waterborne diseases, integrating rural populations (women in particular) in the broader economic landscape and collecting water data that governments and donors will use to affect future water- and climate-related policies.

The partnership aims to partner with countries and municipalities across West Africa to deliver a sustainable drinking water service to 5.7 million people by 2024.

Partners: The Malian Ministry of Energy and Water, the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 30 Malian municipalities, SNV, AQUA FOR ALL, AKVO, UDUMA. 


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