Background and priorities

Ethiopia joined P4G as a country partner and launched its National Platform in 2018.

Ethiopia’s National Platform is hosted by the Environment, Forest & Climate Change Commission. The P4G Ethiopian National Platform hosts and accelerates several groundbreaking P4G partnerships that align to the current development priority areas of the country which primarily include agriculture and renewable energy. 

The EFCCC is among the main country stakeholders for the implementation of the Ethiopia’s Climate Resilience and Green Economy (CRGE) Strategy which envisions a country achievement of middle-income status by 2025 in a climate-resilient green economy. Ethiopia has integrated the CRGE sustainability goals into its current 10-year National Perspective Plan. The plan targets cutting the number of people living below poverty line by more than half while focusing mainly on developing agriculture, tourism, manufacturing, information and communications technology, and mining sectors. 

EFCCC leads the coordination, monitoring and evaluation of the performance of CRGE. Other parties include the Ethiopian Ministry of Finance and Economic Cooperation, Ministry of Water, Irrigation and Energy, Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Trade and Industry, Urban Development and Construction, Forest sector/under EFCCC, Mining and Petroleum, and Ministry of Health.

Population 114 million

Country Priorities and Plans:

Climate Policy Development Priorities

Ethiopia welcomes the P4G partnership commitment to reach the ambitious targets set in the Sustainable Development Goals. As one of the most vulnerable countries, Ethiopia can clearly see that the long-term goals of the Paris Agreement and objectives of the 2030 agenda for sustainable development requires that we must transcend any business as usual approach.

Former President of Ethiopia Mulatu Teshome at the 2018 P4G Copenhagen Summit

Country Representatives and Main Contacts

Mensur Dessie

P4G National Platform Focal Point, Director at EFCCC
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Country News & Events

Country Partnerships

FINISH Mondial
Prosperous Forests
FINISH Mondial
Sustainable Food Partnership
Smallholder Solar Pump Alliance
GeoFutures GreenInvest
Ethiopian Beverage Alliance for Water
Energise Africa
Agroforestry for People, Peace and Prosperity