Agroforestry for People, Peace and Prosperity

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Food and Agriculture Value Chain




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Ethiopia , The Republic of Korea ,

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The Republic of Korea ,


Agroforestry for People, Peace and Prosperity provides innovative solutions such as solar-powered water purification systems and sustainable farming practices to increase coffee quality and production, create new markets and improve the livelihoods of farmers.

Investing in Impact

P4G has provided this partnership with US $95,000 in grant funding. 

The partnership connects Ethiopian smallholder farmers to South Korea’s specialty coffee market, generating environmental and economic benefits for all stakeholders. By restoring degraded forests, installing adequate infrastructure and training farmers, the partnership aims to improve coffee quality and production. With support from the P4G Ethiopia National Platform, the partnership has organized trainings, including on sustainable coffee agronomy; cooperative financial management, governance and leadership; forestry and climate smart agriculture; and business plan development and management. Despite project delays due to COVID-19, the partnership has operationalized two nurseries and identified restoration sites. 

The partnership is providing coffee seeds to women-led youth associations and cooperatives to boost their livelihoods. The groups are raising coffee and tree seedlings at multiple nurseries to have them ready for planting season. It is also collecting compostable waste from coffee processing and distributing the compost to farmers as organic fertilizer. 

Agroforestry for People, Peace and Prosperity aims to achieve a 10-fold increase in coffee production over a five-year period. The partnership aims to produce 10 tons of coffee in the first year, 20 tons in the second year and 100 tons by the fifth year. This integrated and innovative model will provide enhanced resilience and security compared to traditional farming practices by generating double the income for smallholder farmers, introducing sustainable products into the global market and improving labor conditions for youth and women.


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