IIX Women’s Livelihood Bond Series


The Women’s Livelihood Bond™ Series (WLB) is a series of innovative securities pioneered by Impact Investment Exchange (IIX) to mobilize capital for women’s empowerment. 

Investing in Impact

P4G has invested US $491,000 in this partnership. 

The WLB Series is the world’s first impact investing and gender lens investing securities listed on a stock exchange. It pools together high-impact women-focused enterprises to create a multi-country, multi-stakeholder portfolio that is sold to private sector investors. 

As a 2019 P4G State-of-the Art Partnership, the WLB Series has swiftly demonstrated the replicability and scalability of its model. It was awarded scale-up funding in 2020 to replicate the Bond series in Indonesia and explore the feasibility for its inclusion in other P4G country partners like Kenya and South Africa, to deliver a new standard for financing to empower underserved women. 

In 2020, the partnership raised US $27.7 million to support women-focused enterprises in the Asia Pacific to help women rebuild their livelihoods after COVID-19. This milestone will mobilize capital for almost 180,000 women empowering them to implement their green growth solutions in sectors like agriculture and energy.

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Food and Agriculture Value Chain




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Indonesia , South Africa , Kenya ,


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