Background and priorities

Denmark announced its plan to initiate and fund the P4G program in September 2017 and launched its National Platform the same year. In 2023, Denmark recommitted to supporting P4G’s approach by providing funding until 2027. Denmark’s P4G NP is co-chaired by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and State of Green, a public-private partnership connecting international and Danish stakeholders.  

P4G accelerates partnerships aligned with Denmark’s development cooperation priorities of reducing inequality and poverty and fighting climate change. The NP has supported 14 P4G partnerships by connecting them with Danish stakeholders who can help progress the partnership. It has also been very engaged in national and international workshops and events.  

Notable partnerships with Danish partners include the Sustainable Food Partnership which involved several Danish companies producing nutritious, affordable biscuits with locally sourced ingredients to address food insecurity and nutrition in Ethiopia. Replenish Coastal Cities in Kenya, which aims to establish a managed aquifer recharge (MAR) plant to improve water security, benefits from technology from Danish company Ramboll. The Danish Embassy in Kenya brought together key stakeholders in Kenya to address challenges to water resilience. In the case of Circular Fashion Partnership, the Denmark NP assisted the partnership with multiple strategic introductions to the Danish and the Bangladeshi embassies, who went on to become affiliate partners.  

State of Green also sought to improve National Platform cooperation and capacity building, hosting the first NP workshop in May 2022 in Copenhagen, where P4G NPs came together to share lessons learned and strategies for accelerating partnerships.

Denmark hosted the first P4G Summit in Copenhagen in October 2018. The Summit was attended by five heads of state, and governments, global companies, entrepreneurs, and civil society leaders from 53 countries. It was the first step in showcasing the potential of strong partnerships to deliver impact and helped raise the visibility of P4G’s partnership calls and approach.

Population 5.8 million

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If we want to fight climate change, we have to work together. Governments, industries, citizens. Across the globe. That is what we hope to pass on through P4G: Climate action brought about by the right political decisions and strong partnerships. Between our countries. And between sectors.

Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen at 2021 P4G Seoul Summit

Country Representatives and Main Contacts

Finn Mortensen

P4G National Platform Chair
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Iver Høj Nielsen

Head of P4G Activities
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Country News & Events

Country Partnerships

Plastics in Circles - Smart Waste Collective
One Stop Service for Energy Efficiency
Greening Cement
Prosperous Forests
Getting to Zero Coalition
Sustainable Food Partnership
Circular Fashion Partnership
uMngeni Ecological Infrastructure Partnership (UEIP)
Green Freight Asia Vietnam
IoT 4 Mekong Delta Vietnam
Sustainable Special Economic Zones
Building Efficiency Accelerator
Business-Humanitarian Partnership Lab