Background and priorities

Denmark announced its plan to initiate and fund the P4G Partnership Program in September 2017, reinforcing its commitment to global green growth, and launched its National Platform in 2017. 

Denmark identified the five sectors that drive P4G partnerships to advance sustainable practices in the developing world: food and agriculture, water, cities, energy, and the circular economy. Denmark hopes P4G can build on their former Global Green Growth Forum (3GF) initiative by prompting more definitive action that facilitates sustainable growth while resolving gender disparities and global poverty. By involving numerous countries and organizations, Denmark facilitates a holistic approach to meeting the Sustainable Development Goals.

Denmark’s P4G platform is facilitated by State of Green, a public-private partnership connecting international and Danish stakeholders within energy, environment, water and circular economy. State of Green is harnessing connections between the Danish private sector, research community, ministries and agencies, municipalities, civil society, and organizations at the forefront of the green transition. Denmark hosted the first P4G Summit in Copenhagen in October 2018, which created momentum for supporting partnerships that will achieve the sustainable development goals. 

P4G is accelerating partnerships aligned to Denmark’s development cooperation priorities including pioneering energy and water projects in Africa and sustainable food production. P4G partnerships benefit from Denmark’s expertise in harnessing offshore wind power and Danish corporations’ commitment and leadership in industries like shipping and sustainable fashion. The combination of P4G’s approach and Denmark’s engagement can deliver transformative change in decarbonizing the shipping industry and catalyzing a worker-centric circular economy for fashion. 

Population 5.8 million

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P4G is a global delivery platform that harnesses the power of partnerships to deliver transformative impact. As a founding partner of P4G, we see the value of this approach to accelerating and scaling partnerships and its effect in moving our global society closer to achieving the SDGs and long-term impact for a better world.

Flemming Møller Mortensen, Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation

Country Representatives and Main Contacts

Finn Mortensen

P4G National Platform Chair
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Flemming Møller Mortensen

Board of Directors

Minister for Development Cooperation
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Iver Høj Nielsen

Head of P4G Activities
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Josefine Urup

Special Advisor, Partnership Specialist
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Lars Tveen

Board of Directors

President, Danfoss Developing Regions
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