Closing the Loop on Textile Waste


Closing the Loop on Textile Waste will set up a circular infrastructure, maximizing the amount of fabric waste material to be recycled back to like-new quality fiber in Bangladesh.  

Investing in Impact

P4G has provided this partnership with US $750,000 in grant funding.  

As leading garment-producing countries, Bangladesh need innovative models to reduce fashion waste, protect the environment, and empower workers. Currently, many clothing manufacturers are not recycling their waste because they lack a market connection for it or a waste-to-value solution that is sustainable.  

This partnership will establish a value chain of high volume and high-quality waste, attracting recyclers to enter the local market. Building on Closing the Loop on Textile Waste in Kenya, which earned P4G’s State-of-the-Art Partnership of the Year award, the partnership will focus on building a similar ecosystem in Bangladesh.  

Through improving sorting and recycling infrastructure, the partnership aims to create good jobs for informal waste pickers and prevent textile waste from leaking into the environment. The partnership’s rejuvenation technology enables it to use post-production waste and turn it into virgin-quality fibers, reducing waste and saving money. Moreover, by building deep integration with suppliers, the partnership provides customers with unmatched traceability throughout the supply chain. 

P4G will leverage its National Platforms to support government endorsements needed for sustainable waste management. The partnership advances Bangladesh’s focus on being the leading producer of sustainable textiles and ensuring an equitable recovery from COVID-19. 

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