Closing the Loop on Textile Waste

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Bangladesh , Kenya ,

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Netherlands ,


Closing the Loop on Textile Waste improves circular fashion by establishing recycling facilities, maximizing the amount of fabric waste material to be recycled back to like-new quality fiber in Bangladesh and Kenya.

Investing in Impact

P4G has provided this partnership with US $750,000 in grant funding.  

This partnership establishes a value chain of high volume and high-quality textile waste, attracting recyclers to enter the local market. Building on Closing the Loop on Textile Waste in Kenya, which earned P4G’s State-of-the-Art Partnership of the Year award, the partnership is building a similar ecosystem in Bangladesh and expanding its operation in Kenya.

The partnership’s rejuvenation technology enables it to use post-production waste and turn it into virgin-quality fibers, reducing waste and saving money. Moreover, by building deep integration with suppliers, the partnership provides customers with unmatched traceability throughout the supply chain.  

The sorting facility in Kenya has successfully expanded its capacity to handle over 50 tons per month, which provides sustainable employment opportunities for 30 women engaged in the sorting process. Formal contracts have been signed with both manufacturers and recyclers, solidifying partnerships and enhancing the center's operational stability.

In Bangladesh, the local entity structure for the sorting center has been established. The center is poised for operational escalation, with the location primed, an operational manager appointed, women trained, and waste agreements formalized with initial manufacturers. Furthermore, sorted samples have undergone approval by recyclers, ensuring quality and compliance.  

Pivotal stakeholder events, facilitated with the support of P4G, have successfully enlisted key players in the ecosystem, aligning them with circularity. Noteworthy strides have been taken in advocating for circularity within Bangladesh. The partnership prepared a paper with policy recommendations, and presented and deliberated with decision-makers, contributing to an enhanced understanding of circularity's significance and progress in the country.


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