Rumah Bambu Lestari

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Zero Waste Green Industry




Countries of Operation

Indonesia ,


Rumah Bambu Lestari will implement net zero housing built from structural laminate bamboo. The partnership will source from village farmer co-ops that are reforesting degraded land and providing agroforestry solutions for villages.  

Investing in Impact

P4G has awarded the partnership with US $100,000 in grant funding. 

Bamboo, which grows plentifully in Indonesia, can be a durable and sustainable alternative material for housing – one that can be grown, manufactured and utilized within Indonesia, boosting economic growth. The partnership plans to construct the first 10 homes for ecotourism in Nusa Tenggara Timur, Indonesia as a springboard to spark further commitments for sustainable housing uptake.  

Rumah Bambu Lestari works with local stakeholders to integrate local needs and culture into the design of their buildings. The prefabricated structural laminate bamboo is combined with locally available materials to reduce costs and ecological impact. Through a partnership with the Environmental Bamboo Foundation, bamboo will be sourced from local farmers, helping to restore degraded land through agroforestry and increasing carbon sequestration. 

P4G will support the partnership expand its network and engage with policy makers in Indonesia to advance the business model.  

During the P4G funding period, the partnership seeks to obtain endorsements from key government ministries, establish strategic pilot sites and partnerships, and test the market fit. By demonstrating the financial viability of the program’s social and ecotourism housing, the partnership hopes to expand across Indonesia with larger manufacturers. 


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