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Koinpack’s Reuse Revolution provides daily household products in reusable and returnable packaging without plastic waste. Customers can order the reusable products and return the empty packaging via convenient sales points or home delivery and pick up, saving money and packaging waste. Upon returning the packaging, customers get cash back. 

Since its pilot in March 2020, Koinpack has expanded to more than 100 sales points in Greater Jakarta, of which 80% are hosted by micro-entrepreneurs such as female-led waste banks and peer to peer agents. They get 10-15% income increase, while the customers get ~10% cost savings by returning Koinpack packaging. Beside additional income, the partnership also trains entrepreneurs at sales points to be the changemakers to educate their customers on waste issues and shift to reusable products. 

Koinpack has already sold 43,000+ products to 2,500+ customers, in turn preventing 349,000+ flexible plastics from being wasted into the environment. Koinpack currently partners with five fast moving consumer goods (FCMG) companies to provide the products, such as shampoo, detergent and soap, while Koinpack supplies and cleans the reusable packaging.  

This unique reuse solution is key to meeting Indonesia’s target of avoiding 14 billion flexibles by 2025. Koinpack's Reuse Revolution aims to drive the market for reuse solutions through a tech-enabled reusable packaging system based on a deposit and reward model to replace flexibles.  

With the opportunity to scale, Koinpack plans to acquire 400 new sales points next year, sell 490,000+ products, and avoid 3.9m flexibles. By collaborating with local governments and creating awareness campaigns, they aim to work with community-based channels such as waste banks. 


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