Solar Cow 4 Impact


The Solar Cow 4 Impact partnership brings solar power to rural communities in Kenya while providing a better opportunity for children to receive an education.

Investing in Impact

P4G has invested US $100,000 in this partnership.

The partnership provides families with portable batteries that they can charge at community schools. This encourages families to send their children to school while also providing them with an affordable and reliable source of clean energy. This partnership is testing the model in two sites in Kenya. 

In the long-term, this partnership provides an opportunity to break the vicious cycle of poverty through education. The partnership, through each Solar Cow unit, ultimately aims to supply 10W of electricity to 250 homes every day, which can lower household’s expenditure on electricity and kerosene to less than 50% and increase both school enrollment and attendance by five percent.


Improving Access to Electricity and Education

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Energy Transition




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Kenya , Republic of Korea ,

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Republic of Korea ,


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