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Republic of Colombia ,


The Biofly – Tecnnova partnership will help Colombia with sustainable waste management by using Black Soldier Fly Larvae to support the creation of high-protein animal feed and biofertilizer. 

Investing in Impact

P4G awarded the partnership with US $367,000 in grant funding. 

Biofly uses Black Soldier Fly Larvae (BSFL) to convert organic waste into high-protein animal feed and biofertilizer. This solution helps address dual challenges associated with waste management and the growing demand for animal feed in Colombia. Additionally, in a country where more than 77% and 95% of protein for animal feed and fertilizer respectively are imported, this partnership boosts domestic production and valorization of waste. 

BSFL animal feed is high-quality protein that is used by the pet food and animal feed industries (poultry, swine and fish production), and by pharmaceutical companies. The byproducts are also used as high value biofertilizer. 

Insect farming requires much less land use to yield 1 kilogram of protein when compared to traditional animal feed sources such as soy. In addition to alleviating the pressure on land use, it also uses about 63% less water when compared to soy. The process is highly productive and scalable with protein production at least 1-2 times per month when compared to 1 – 2 growing cycles per year for soy. Insect farming is also potentially a less carbon intensive process for food waste management when compared to composting which releases higher levels of carbon into the atmosphere. 

On the supply side, Biofly is negotiating collaborations with agrifood companies including breweries, cereal processors and coffee and cocoa companies to offtake their waste and ensure a steady stream of high-quality waste to scale up production. On the buyer side, Biofly is exploring relationships with clients in the poultry and pet food industry to secure long-term contracts. 

Tecnnova will support Biofly in the research and development needed to stay at the cutting edge of this technology and share learnings on the benefits of insect-based protein. It will also help Biofly engage with government stakeholders on potential interventions that would improve the enabling environment for the insect farming industry in Colombia. 

The partnership hopes to work with the Colombian government on amendments to regulations regarding the legal requirements for waste processing and valorization through insect farming. 

During the partnership period Biofly aims to raise more than US $1.5 million in investment and create 25 new jobs. It hopes to avoid more than 150,000 metric tons of carbon emissions by 2030. It is currently processing more than 30 tons of organic waste and aims to increase that to 200 metric tons per month. The partnership will also work on building the capacity of smallholders farmers to process their waste into high quality animal protein and fertilizer, and will integrate new sources of waste into its process from three new industries that generate large volumes of waste. 

The partnership comprises the following partners: Biofly (lead business partner); Tecnnova (lead administrative partner).

*Biofly is the part of the Residua Biocircular group


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