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Sustainable Mobility in Cargo Transportation Colombia

Partnership Name:
Sustainable Mobility in Cargo Transportation Colombia
SDG Target:
SDG 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities

Transportation is the second largest source of carbon emissions in Colombia. As a mitigation measure, cities including Medellin and Bogota have restricted vehicle circulation to decrease atmospheric particulate matter in the air. While beneficial for public health, it is an expensive solution and costs the Colombia health system over 15.4 billion pesos in total. However, accessing cleaner technologies such as electric cargo mobility is perceived as more expensive than business as usual alternatives.


This partnership aims to address the myths concerning electric mobility and prove its efficiency with Renting Colombia by leading through example with Bavaria’s ambitious pledge to incorporate 200 electric trucks to its fleet and by selecting 20 medium-size companies to test electric cargo trucks and incorporate them into their fleet. Through this pilot program, the partnership aims to foster an enabling environment for electric mobility, which will trigger improved air quality in Colombia’s cities and healthier, more sustainable lifestyles for city residents.


Bavaria, Colombia’s largest brewery, will introduce 200 electric trucks into its distribution fleet by 2021 with Renting Colombia, which represents 20% of its distribution fleet. Furthermore, it will innovate incorporating 12-ton electric trucks, a breakthrough in Colombian sustainable mobility.

Countries of Impact:

Renting Colombia, Bavaria and Bavaria Foundation