Ethiopia’s National Platform, housed within the Environment, Forest & Climate Change Commission, aims to achieve Ethiopia’s Climate Resilience and Green Economy (CRGE) Strategy goals. Launched in 2017, the National Platform’s priority areas are agriculture and renewable energy, and it hosts several groundbreaking P4G projects focused on those sectors as well as the circular economy. Ethiopia has integrated the CRGE sustainability goals into its Second Growth and Transformation Plan, which will help Ethiopia reach middle income status by 2025. In 2017, Ethiopia released its Policy for the Use and Implementation of Public-Private Partnerships, which provides a framework for the promotion of partnerships as part of the country’s pursuit of green growth. 

“Ethiopia welcomes the P4G partnership commitment to reach the ambitious targets set in the Sustainable Development Goals. As one of the most vulnerable countries, Ethiopia can clearly see that the long-term goals of the Paris agreement and objectives of the 2030 agenda for sustainable development requires that we must transcend any business as usual approach.”

- Former President of Ethiopia Mulatu Teshome at the P4G Summit

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