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The Takazuri – Kwale Recycling Centre partnership will scale Climatile™, a cutting-edge lightweight rooftop tile that integrates solar panels and safe rainwater harvesting. The solution offers Kenya a three-fold benefit of improved access to clean energy, water resilience and plastic waste management.

Investing in Impact

P4G has awarded the partnership US $449,772 in grant funding. 

Takazuri produces Climatile™, a lightweight rooftop tile that can support the company’s thin solar panels and collect rainwater. 

The Kenyan solar market is growing rapidly and is one of the leading solar markets in the world. The country is also experiencing an increased housing demand, which makes Climatile™ well positioned to advance Kenya’s sustainable energy, waste management and housing priorities. 

Innovations in the tile design compared to other products on the market include: 

  • An interlocking system that does not require skilled labor for installation and does not damage rooftops
  • A lightweight tile incorporating thin solar panels that do not add substantially more weight to roofs and are more suitable for Kenyan houses since they do not compromise their structural stability 
  • Cool roof technology that enhances insulation and reduces energy costs
  • Design that is safe for and facilitates the collection of rainwater • Tile made from recycled plastics that can also be recycled at the end of its life 

Takazuri’s business approach includes a mix of bespoke and large-scale manufacturing. The company will work with local plastic waste collection and manufacturing facilities in Kenya to develop smaller volume, bespoke products. It will contract with larger manufacturers who have the facilities for larger volume runs. 

Tazakuri has partnered with Kwale Recycling Centre (KRC) to scale this solution. KRC specializes in plastic waste collection from urban and coastal areas in Kenya. This collaboration will ensure a steady supply of plastic waste that can be transformed into rooftop tiles. KRC is also working on upgrading its equipment to scale job opportunities to women and youth in waste collection, processing and operations. KRC is actively working with the Kenyan government at national and local levels on regulatory frameworks for waste management policies. On behalf of the partnership, it will engage its existing relationships to expand the enabling environment work to include regulatory frameworks for recycled building materials, solar projects and sustainable manufacturing. 

During the P4G funding period, Takazuri aims to raise US $1 million in investment and create 43 new jobs. The partnership will collect 350 tons of waste and have 75 women working in management positions in the collection, sorting and processing side of operations. 

The partnership comprises the following partners: Takazuri (lead business partner); Kwale Recycling Centre (lead administrative partner).


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