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The Sustainable Clothing Action Plan 2020 Commitment (SCAP)

Reducing the Impact of Clothing In the United Kingdom
Partnership Name:
The Sustainable Clothing Action Plan 2020 Commitment (SCAP)
SDG Target:
SDG 12: Responsible Consumption and Production

Since SCAP’s launch in 2012, more than 80 organizations, including retailers representing 48% UK clothing sales, have pledged to hit industry-led targets. This level of collaboration has already allowed SCAP to help reduce the carbon and water footprint of clothing sold by signatories in the UK and reduce clothing waste to landfill. Actions including changes to fibers, an increased use of sustainable forms of cotton, and changes in citizens’ laundry habits. This has helped SCAP deliver 13.4% reduction in carbon, 18.1% reduction in water, 4% reduction in waste to landfill, and a 1.4% reduction in waste across the whole product life cycle so far.


The Sustainable Clothing Action Plan 2020 Commitment (SCAP) brings together organizations from across the clothing industry; including brands and retailers, charities, and textile recyclers, to reduce the environmental impacts of clothing consumed in the United Kingdom. This industry-led action plan delivers positive environmental and economic outcomes to the clothing industry by reducing carbon, water and waste.


The partnership is currently pursuing 15% reductions across the UK fashion industry’s carbon footprint, water waste, and textile redirection to landfills. Additionally, SCAP aims to achieve a 3.5% total reduction in waste arising across the entire product lifecycle by the end of 2020.

Countries of Impact:
United Kingdom

UK Government, Retailers, Charities