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Green Freight Asia Vietnam


Vietnam’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions are among the fastest growing in Asia. Transport will represent 22% of energy-related emissions by 2020. Diesel trucks are the primary movers of freight in Vietnam and significant contributors of GHG emissions as well as air pollutants. In Hanoi, transport is responsible for 70% of the city’s air pollution. Unless changes are made, a three- to five-fold increase in transport C02 emissions is expected from increased fleet sizes, growing in line with the economy.

Led by BSR and Green Freight Asia (GFA) this partnership will launch a set of incentives for green freight certification to motivate trucking companies to adopt eco-friendly practices and improve fuel efficiency, contributing both to their bottom line and to cleaner air, lower GHG emissions from Vietnam’s trucking sector and improved health for citizens.

In 2016, an Asian Development Bank study tested the efficacy of eco-technologies, eco-driving, and logistics measures in Vietnam. Results indicated that GHG emissions reductions of 10-13% and net savings of USD 2,300 per truck could be achieved within a reasonable payback time. To take these results to scale, companies need 1) greater awareness of the opportunities; 2) business/market incentives; and 3) a road map to guide them through the journey and show how change can be achieved.