clean freight

Clean Freight Transport

Partnership Name:
Clean Freight Transport
SDG Target:
SDG 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities

Poor air quality is an ongoing challenge for Bogotá. Studies by the National Planning Department (DNP) show that 70% of particulate emissions in Colombia come from vehicles. Surveys have shown that air quality is a fundamental concern for 52% of Colombians. With more than seven million residents within Bogotá’s city limits, and a commuter population that rises to more than 15% of the country’s population, there is a concerted effort to reduce carbon emissions for the health of the city’s residents.


The partnership will develop a commercial strategy that installs IoT devices in cargo vehicles that will allow drivers and freight companies to monitor and measure their greenhouse gas emissions. This real-time measurement combined with an ongoing education component of best practices in cargo transport will allow for greater fuel efficiency and lower carbon emissions in the freight industry.  


The system will allow for optimization of transportation with successes that can be shared and replicated in countries like Mexico with similar issues and pollution rates like Colombia.

Countries of Impact:

ProBogota, ANDI Section Bogota, Tigo, EAN University, Universidad del Rosario