The Sun Run partnership will provide electric vehicles in rural Kenya and involve women in the e-mobility transformation.  

Investing in Impact

P4G has awarded this partnership with US $130,280 in grant funding.  

In rural Kenya, most residents use two- or three-wheelers for transportation of people and goods. These polluting vehicles can be transitioned to electric ones, but they need tailored solutions that can expand charging infrastructure.  

To address barriers to rural e-mobility adoption, Sun Run will use electric three-wheelers that are designed for use in rural African communities, build local capacity to maintain and service the vehicles, and lease the vehicle through pay-as-you-go (PayGo) so that it costs the same upfront as a petrol vehicle. On the charging side, Sun Run will set up reliable and affordable charging stations, ensure the PayGo costs cover charging and basic service of the vehicle, and enable dual use of the infrastructure by both charging vehicles and providing energy back to the grid.  

Sun Run plans to set up charging infrastructure through charging points and battery swapping stations powered by solar energy. The excess electricity will be sold to power small businesses within the community, including barbers, grain milling and cold storage. It will also incentivize business owners to set up charging infrastructure as an extra revenue stream. 

Based on its experience with e-mobility in Kenya, P4G will help the partnership refine its business model and connect with the National Platform on the regulatory interventions needed to advance this key priority. This partnership aims to contribute to Kenya’s goal to electrify 5% of vehicles by 2025 and help advance Kenya’s Big 4 Agenda for sustainable economic growth.

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