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The EBOOST – ASSIST partnership will accelerate Vietnam’s clean energy transition by developing and operating a nation-wide network of electric two- and four-wheeler charging stations that are integrated with mobile technology for easy tracking and payments. 

Investing in Impact

P4G has awarded the partnership US $351,170 in grant funding. 

Vietnam’s EV market is poised for growth and the country is the largest electric two-wheeler market in the ASEAN region. But similar to all emerging EV markets, charging networks are limited. Riders need accessible charging solutions that work for all electric vehicle types and that they can access at home and in public. 

EBOOST will build and maintain a smart and open electric vehicle (EV) charging network across Vietnam. EBOOST charging stations will allow vehicle owners, regardless of brand, to charge their electric bikes or cars at their homes or workplaces. EBOOST will focus on setting up stations in or around multi-unit residential or commercial buildings, but also targeting hotels, schools, factories or larger shared parking areas in general. 

EBOOST will generate revenue through its Charging-as-a-Service model. It will enter multi-year exclusive contracts with those locations. Under this agreement the location will provide the space and the access to power. EBOOST will operate charging stations and pay the location quarterly administrative fees and a shared percentage costs for the right to occupy the space and operate the service. Users charging their vehicles at EBOOST charging points will pay the company an activation fee and charging service fee. 

In addition to strengthening the country’s charging infrastructure, EBOOST will work with the nonprofit ASSIST to accelerate the country’s enabling environment for electric vehicles. It will specifically focus on policy improvement and guidance around setting up EV infrastructure in or around multi-unit buildings.

During the P4G funding period, EBOOST will aim to raise about US $1 million in additional investment. It will increase the number of charging locations from 100 to 350 and the number of users who use EBOOST charging stations from 574 to more than 5,000. 

The partnership comprises the following partners: EBOOST (lead business partner); ASSIST (lead administrative partner). 


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