PlusPlus Partnership

Social Impact Investing to Grow Agri-Food Businesses in Developing Countries 
Partnership Name:
PlusPlus Partnership
SDG Target:
SDG 2: Food Security/Sustainable Agriculture

More than 800 million people in the world suffer from chronic malnutrition. Hunger and poverty are deeply intertwined. When people cannot afford nutritious foods or the farming supplies they need to grow enough food on their own, they live with hunger. Almost all the hungry people in the world live in lower-middle-income countries, according to the United Nations. 


PlusPlus is designed to scale agri-food related small and mid-size businesses in developing countries that are considered too large for micro-credit and too small for mainstream banks. PlusPlus provides a solution and creates access to funding for this so-called “missing middle” by linking them to a crowd of investors. While many investors are active in financing agri-food businesses, few of them actively use capital from private and public investors mobilized by online crowdfunding to invest in businesses in developing countries. The impact investing platform PlusPlus will fill this current gap.


By 2021, PlusPlus expects to raise $14 million from thousands of private investors to fund 30 businesses that could ultimately benefit as many as 30,000 small farmers. This partnership can create a multiplier effect to boost the expansion of many scalable agri-food businesses, contributing to sustainable economic development and the fight against hunger and poverty.

Countries of Impact:
Colombia, Ghana, Indonesia, Kenya, Mexico, Zambia  

ICCO Foundation, Lendahand, StichtingSolidaridad Nederland (Solidaridad Europe), Truvalu   

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