Agroforestry for People, Peace and Prosperity

Partnership Name:
Agroforestry for People, Peace and Prosperity
SDG Target:
SDG 2: Food Security/Sustainable Agriculture

Although Ethiopia has good conditions for growing coffee, there are barriers to creating a more flourishing coffee industry, including limited energy sources and water infrastructure. Moreover, a recent decline in global coffee prices has driven down the farmers wages even further. There is a need for capacity building on sustainable coffee farming practices to generate better income for Southern Ethiopian farmers.


Agroforestry for People, Peace and Prosperity in Southern Ethiopia’s Coffee Growing Region is a partnership that will integrate agroforestry, renewable energy, and crowdfunding to enable a more efficient coffee industry in Southern Ethiopia. The partnership will provide innovative solutions such as solar energy and solar-powered water purification system to increase farmers’ productivity and coffee quality in a way that was formerly impossible. In addition, the partnership will help connect Ethiopian smallholder farmers to the Korean specialty coffee market to increase their incomes via fair trade.


This project will significantly improve coffee production over years. It will aim to achieve a 10-times increase over a five-year period. After the project starts, the farm will produce 10 tons in the first year, 20 tons in the second year and 100 tons in the fifth year. Eventually, the partnership will contribute to food and energy security, sustainable forest management, and income generation in the region.

Countries of Impact:

Environment and Coffee Forest Forum, Ethiopia's Environment, Forest and Climate Change Commission, Global Green Growth Institute, SK Forest, The Korea Forest Service, Tree Planet and representatives of different ethnic groups in Southern Ethiopia.