Mexico and Colombia Make Strides Towards Strong National Platforms


The P4G engagement team, Leila Yim Surratt and Kyra Reumann-Moore, recently met with national and private sector leaders in both Mexico and Colombia to help promote the advancement of these countries’ respective P4G National Platforms, emphasize the second call for 2019 partnership applications, and continue facilitation of existing 2018 partnerships. Both trips proved how committed both the countries’ public and private sectors are in supporting the Sustainable Development Goals and implementing economic growth in P4G’s five core areas. 


The Mexican Secretariat of Foreign Affairs (SRE) and Ministry of Environment (SEMARNAT) were key facilitators in organizing dynamic and thoughtful workshops, with an aim to emphasize the ongoing call for 2019 partnership applications and propel Mexico’s national platform forward with several stakeholders, including the Mexican Ministry of Economy and the Danish Ambassador Lars Nielsen.

The new administration in Mexico, with their focus on sustainable cities and poverty alleviation, expressed the importance of partnerships like those facilitated by P4G, and welcomed the opportunity for many potential partnership applicants in Mexico.

mexico national platform jan 19

“The P4G premises are in alignment with national priorities lines for the new Mexican Government in the environmental sector,” said Norma Munguia Aldaraca, Head of the SEMARNAT International Affairs Unit. “The Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources has a transversal mandate, and just like P4G, we will drive action in pursuit of important SDG targets -- especially on challenges regarding a more circular economy, healthier cities, and clean water. We are looking forward to working together with the P4G and key stakeholders in Mexico, from the government and non-governmental sectors, to build a strong foundation for our country’s participation at the P4G, including our national platform and fostering SDG's public-private partnerships”

Instrumental relationships and progress were also made in developing public-private economic growth in Mexico. “The connections we were able to make through P4G’s visit will most certainly help guide Mexico to the next phase of a more sustainable economy,” noted Gilberto Garcia Vazquez, the Director of Foreign Investment at the Ministry of Economy. “Most notably, our links to the ZEBRA scale-up partnership as well as WRAP UK, a partner on the State-of-the-Art Award-Winning partnership Courtauld Commitment 2025, will provide access to key innovations in electric bus deployment and zero waste – two of the world’s most pressing environmental challenges. We’re excited for Mexico to step forward as a world leader in green growth, and P4G has enabled us to move closer towards this goal.”


Significant progress was also made in developing Colombia’s national platform, especially due to the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in bringing together several diverse representatives including Danish Ambassador Pedersen, and delegates from ProColombia, Colombia DNP, C40 Cities, and three P4G partnerships: BEA, ZEBRA and CEIA.


“Entrepreneurship is at the core of our national approach to equality and sustainability,” remarked Carolina Diaz Acosta, Director of Economic and Social Affairs at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. “P4G’s emphasis on green growth and collaborative, innovative business models will be especially transformative in our progress on key development issues. We anticipate that with P4G’s help, our network will be able to help solidify the opportunity for local investment in our country and to attract interest in our innovations from abroad.”

The partnerships advanced their relationships throughout Colombia through these stakeholders-- an essential outcome of the trip.

The success of Mexico and Colombia’s national platforms provided strong models for the foundation for imminent P4G platforms in more countries, propelled key partnerships forward in their pursuit of the SDGs, and exemplified the power of partnerships for climate action and green growth.


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