Facilitating Access to Alternative Finance for Agribusinesses in Nigeria


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Welcome2Africa International (W2A) is a female-led trade and investment facilitation company focused on agribusiness in Nigeria. It works with agri-entrepreneurs to provide funding and hands-on support to help ventures attain measurable growth and scale their business. Welcome2Africa entrepreneurs address challenges related to farmer income, social inclusion, mechanization, food security and sustainability.  

Over the years Welcome2Africa International has supported agribusinesses across the value chain through its initiatives, convening activities, services, investment and trade facilitation

One example includes AFEX, an Ag-Tech company that provides access to cashless loans, extension service and storage for agricultural entrepreneurs in Nigeria. Through its convening, investment and trade facilitation endeavors, W2A contributed to the growth of AFEX, which includes provision of services to 120,000 farmers, 80% of which are women and youth in rural communities. W2A's engagement with AFEX has also contributed to 600,000 MT of grains produced through year-round farming. 

W2A is passionate about supporting the development of agribusiness in Nigeria, which needs increased access to finance so farmers can obtain quality input and prevent post-harvest losses, as outlined in Nigeria’s Vision 2030. W2A is currently working to raise a $100,000,000 investment fund to support viable agribusinesses in Nigeria. 


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