The Republic of Korea

The Republic of Korea launched its P4G National Platform on 27 July 2018, solidifying its role as a leader in sustainable development. Korea has fostered a strong green growth alliance with Denmark, including as a leader in P4G’s predecessor, the Global Green Growth Forum, and is building on that progress through P4G. Noting its demonstrated success and continued commitment to sustainable development, the Republic of Korea will facilitate cooperation and knowledge sharing with P4G partner countries. The Republic of Korea will also seek for new business models and support implementation of projects. 

The Republic of Korea looks forward to engaging with partnerships focused on the plastics circular economy and sustainable buildings. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, working with business leaders, government and sustainability professionals from across the country, will help identify and support partnerships in developing countries that offer innovative sustainability solutions. 

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President Moon Jae-in Announces P4G Seoul Summit at United Nations Climate Action Summit
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"It is impossible to solve an issue that affects the entire earth such as climate change with only the efforts of any given country or the public sector. That is why I look forward to the role of P4G partnership projects attended by various member countries, civic organizations and industrial circles from each continent." 

- President Moon Jae-in at the P4G Summit

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Country Representatives and Main Contacts

Yoo Yeon Chul

P4G Board Member
Ambassador for Climate Change, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Kwon Sei Joong

P4G National Platform Chair
Director General for Climate Change, Energy and Environmental Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs