Blended Finance on Water


The partnership focuses on Vietnam’s drinking water infrastructure by developing blended finance models for greater investment in the sector.

Investing in Impact

P4G invested US $100,000 in this partnership.

The partnership focused its investment priorities on internet of Things-based technologies that reduced the percentage of non-revenue generating water from 22% to 15% by 2025. 

Upon its close, the Blended Finance on Water partnership successfully developed the "Blended Finance Model to Reduce Non-revenue Water and Energy Consumption in Vietnam" report and set the direction for other countries working on non-revenue water issue. With exception of Quang Tri River Pump Station, the study found that investing in pressure management technology provides enough savings in energy costs and water leakage over a five-year period that the investment could be made through conventional financing rather than requiring public financing, loans or international grants. 




Blended Finance Solutions for Water Management




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