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IoT 4 Mekong Delta Vietnam


The Mekong Delta in southwestern Vietnam is home to more than 17 million people and an important agricultural and fishing region. A low-lying coastal region, the Mekong Delta is prone to flooding that experts predict will get worse due to climate change and rising sea levels.  

This Partnership draws on the expertise of Vietnam’s Center for Region and Urban Studies, CLEAN (a Danish cleantech cluster), Green Tech Center Korea (a green tech thinktank) and JHSustain (a Korean water technology company). The partnership will install smart sensors and actuators in Long Xuyen City to pilot a networked system to improve disaster forecast accuracy and on-site response. This deployment will create a model to better predict and manage flood events in the Mekong Delta region of Vietnam to reduce human casualties from flooding while increasing disaster resilience and protecting agricultural production and community livelihoods.  

The consortium will provide local municipal governments with a real-time digital application for simulating flooding events, which will include advanced flood maps and three-dimensional video for simulating flood scenarios. 

Longer term, the partnership hopes the improved data collection and modeling will unleash potential green growth development in this region. This could include developing hydro power from the lower Mekong River to provide sustainable electricity, improving rice cultivation and production, and growing the region’s freshwater aquaculture.