BRAC Hydro

BRAC and Hydro Industries; Clean water for all 


The Southwestern coastal region of Bangladesh is a region plagued by the effects of a changing climate. Among the many threats the region faces, increasingly common climate events including cyclones, tidal surges, drought, and more have begun to infiltrate the local freshwater supply with numerous poisonous contaminants. As a consequence, communities dependent on clean groundwater for their health and livelihoods are struggling to access and pay for services that purify their water. And while this challenge is widely acknowledged, another element makes clean water access difficult: many of these communities are in hard-to-reach areas where investments in solutions are both high risk and high cost. 

The Clean Water for All Partnership addresses exactly this gap in the marketplace through the development of an inclusive delivery service model that provides safe water at high volumes and affordable prices to all. Hydro, the lead commercial partner, has already developed a commercial/industrial water treatment system ready for implementation in these communities. 

Using this system, the partnership will clean high volumes of water to deliver to communities in need. BRAC, the other lead partner, will apply their proven delivery models to stimulate and utilize local private businesses and micro-entrepreneurs to move the clean water to households in need. This system will increase the number of consumers paying for affordable, clean water leading to a more financially sustainable system. The partnership’s main goal is to improve the wellbeing of marginalized Bangladeshi communities through the provision of affordable, safe water. Women especially will benefit from the partnership’s successes, as the project will bring water closer to their homes, better supporting daily needs and addressing gender-related barriers.